Danish design- Chinese tradition

SHOESHOE is a small Danish company started by Ulla Hentze in 2007.

Ulla is a trained fashion designer from the Danish Design School, and has over the last three decades been an entrepreneur selling and inventing new business ideas and opportunities within clothing, shoes and design. The SHOESHOE sneaker is produced by WomenPowerFactory, a Chinese factory in the Fujian province.The factory is owned by Ulla Hentze, but controlled by a group of Chinese women .

The Chinese factory workers work under Danish working conditions laws, and take great pride in being social and societal responsible. At the factory , there is therefore a strong focus on human rights, social conditions, labour, the environment, climate etc.are in order.

The SHOESHOE shoe is designed in Denmark and has a Scandinavian look.

All SHOESHOE shoes are formed and sewn in canvas. Each shoe is hand-printed. The rubber outsole is not just glued on, but molded onto the canvas based on an old Chinese tradition.

The SHOESHOE shoes are timeless designed sneakers for every age and are available in EU size 35-45.

The idea for SHOESHOE originates in the traditional Chinese Gong fu shoes based on its high quality, excellent function and timeless design.

Since 2007, the SHOESHOE shoes has been sold in Scandinavia, the Benelux countries, Spain, Portugal, France, UK, US, Japan and China.

At the moment SHOESHOE can be found on the danish webshop:

womenpowerfactory.com eller miinto.dk


its not a copy

its original


Gong fu shoe